Monday, September 28, 2009

8:45 am

This is what happens when you:
-take a picture in the same spot
-at the
exact same minute
eight days in a row

This is what happens when you:
-have a great dad
-living far away
-with smart photo ideas

©MBB (BA 18ix-26ix 2009)


  1. Me gusta ver cómo las cortinas de las ventanas en el edificio se abren y cierran... ¿Te imaginas poder hacer este ejercicio durante, no sé, doscientos años?

  2. si mi papa fuera artista, a lo mejor yo seria contador, pero que bueno que no es el caso con usted señor don patto, :-) he seguido estas imagenes tratando de averiguar donde han sido tomadas, porque , no parece morelia, :-)

  3. F: Doscientos años... No serían mejor 800?

    Buenos Aires, E!
    Si mi padre fuera psicólogo, yo sería dibujante... :)

  4. que bello ejercicio, con muy buenos resultados!

  5. tiene buenos aires que se yo, y un jardin prohibido, un tal piazzola amigo de un gorrion que le presta el nido, para hacer de plata amaneceres, y un atardecer de madrugada, la mirada de mujer.


  6. in the beautiful movie "Smoke", Harvey Keitel does the same thing. Every morning, for years, he takes a picture of a street corner.

  7. well ther is a jim jarmusch film like this: but
    there is nothing new under the sun:
    [no real original ideas!!! :) but all ideaes are unique![ such a mystery!!! becasue every one is unique! xo!]
    and yer dad? sounds pretty amazing!
    oh i just realized the above commenter speaks of this movie.
    my husband and i watched it every day when we were miserable in a place called nashville. doing music we did not want to do.
    it is a very bitter sweet film.
    i want to try this myself this some time.
    but we have never had a camera, really/
    it takes much patience and fortitude.
    and then the courage to capture both joy and mundane and tragedy one may not want to see.
    i am now a huge fan and following like a balloon kite with no string!!!!

  8. Tenés un gran padre, pibe.
    ¡Grande, Don Mario!
    Beso a los dos